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Ultimate 3TB Original XBOX System With 128mb ram upgrade (Virtua Cop 3, OutRun 2 Beta & A Special Gift!!! A Leaked Copy Of Starcraft Ghosts) Plus Retro Emulators Gaming System Featuring Coin Ops 8 and Premium Massive R4 Including Power Cable, HD Component Video Cable, 1 Microsoft Type S Controller.




This 3TB HDD Original Xbox System Will Be Built To Order It Will Take About 3 Weeks Or Sooner To Build, There Is A Lot Of Work Going In This System, So Please Understand. If we have any in stock already built it will go out the next day.


"If you have any questions please email me for the info"


This is the Ultimate 3TB HDD Original Xbox System multimedia system with a custom dash board. This system is designed for gamers that want to use all the wonderful features of the original XBOX console & This is a very specific 720p, high resolution mod designed specifically for high definition TV's. Every game, even from the 80's and 90's are at high resolution. Does not work on standard definition TV's and YOU MUST USE HD COMPONENT VIDEO CABLES FOR THE SYSTEM TO WORK plus you can also add your own music and movies. Clean setup and easy to use.




PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY, IF YOU OR ANYBODY OPENS ANY SYSTEM YOU PURCHASED FROM US THE WARRANTY IS NO GOOD & WE WILL NOT FIX IT, All systems have security devices too tell us if it has been opened. If you opened the system, modify or add any software or downloads that does not come on or with the system and that is the issue for the xbox not working that could void the warranty. If you send it to us and we see that it has been tampered with you will have to pay for the shipping to us and back " without the system being fixed " before you can get your system back.


" If you system is not working correctly contact us to get it fixed "


Each 2TB HDD Original Xbox System console has been through the following refurbish process:

  • Visually inspected for any issues
  • Cleaned inside and outside as best as we could
  • Tested to ensure DVD drive work
  • Upgraded with new large capacity hard drive.

This ultimate 2TB HDD Original Xbox System is set up to play a ton of games and has XBMC Multimedia Software running. If you have any questions, scroll down to contact us.


You get the following:

  • Softmodded XBOX with large capacity hard drive and custom skin.
  • XBOX controller can be purchased in store.
  • Power cable can be purchased in store.
  • HD video connector can be purchased in store.
  • Entire system is fully functional
  • 90 days - 100% including shipping
  • 1 year - parts and labor covered, not shipping.


Here are some of the features:

  • System has been softmodded with Unleash X dashboard
  • Loaded with custom skins for your own unique looking dashboard
  • Plays original XBOX and backup games
  • A ton of XBOX software installed
  • XBMC installed which allows you to watch videos off your network, DVD player is fully functional and can be used to play original XBOX, music, or movie discs.
  • Great variety of emulators, programs, and games with a direct boot up to one of the cleanest high definition dashboards available (XBMC).
  • The hard drive is filled to the brim, this system is a beast.
  • Majority of games have box art and video previews to give you that arcade feel. Game load times are superb.
  • Cool features like game saves, button remapping, screen resizing, game cheats, skin options, etc. are accessible.


" Overseas is on a case by case basis "

If we ship out of country we are not responsible for any damages, refunds or shipping, your responsible for all shipping cost.


3TB Original Xbox 128mb ram upgrade (Virtua Cop 3,OutRun 2 & Starcraft Ghosts)

SKU: 3TB Original Xbox 128mb ram
$699.99 Regular Price
$569.99Sale Price
    • Atari 800 – 134 games
    • Atari 2600 – 302+ Games
    • Atari 5200 – 124 games
    • Atari 7800 – 183 games
    • Coin Ops 8 Massive Full Arcade Emulator – 4100+ Games
    • Coin Ops 8 Premium Massive R4
    • ColecoVision –189 games
    • Commodore 64 – 500+ Games
    • Capcom Systems 3 (CPS3) – 8 Games
    • Famicom – 260 games
    • Final Burn Legend Arcade Emulator – 1048 Games
    • Gameboy – 590 games
    • Gameboy Color – 546 games
    • Gameboy Advance – 1040+ Games
    • Homebrew –145 games
    • Intellivision –157 games
    • Lynx – 84
    • MAMEdOX Arcade Emulator – 2393+ Games
    • MSX – 696 games
    • Neo Geo Pocket – 48 games
    • Neo Geo CD – 93 games
    • **Nintendo 64 – 979 Games**
    • Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – 7000+ Games
    • Openbor Homebrew games
    • PC DOS – 45 games
    • PlayStation 1 – 220 games
    • Sega 32X – 28 games
    • Sega CD –161 games
    • Sega Game Gear – 70 games
    • Sega Genesis – 1100+ Games
    • Sega SG-1000 – 66 games
    • Sega Master System – 1300+ Games
    • Super Nintendo – 3100+ Games
    • TurboGrafx 16 – 1000+ Games
    • Turbo Grafx 16 CD – 47 games
    • Virtual Boy – 25 Games
    • WonderSwan – 32 games


    **Some N64 games don't emulate well**

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