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  • Will I be able to transfer my profile, saves, and indie game purchases from my current unmodified Xbox 360 onto it? Without taking either console online?"
    So basically the answer to your question is yes. You can transfer all your content over with a flash drive including your live arcade games. There is a program on the xbox that you can use to unlock those games, and make the demo games full version.
  • Can the system safely go online to connect with Xlink Kai?
    We block the consoles so that you can't accidentally log on to xbox live and get banned. But you can still play online with 3rd party servers. Here's a couple videos showing how to set that up....
  • Can i move games off this system and backup on my PC to make room for other games, or add my own thumbnail if one is missing?"
    It's a bit tedious but you can FTP the xbox to your computer and transfer games back and forth that way, Or you can just add more games to an external hard drive to run games from. Basically with an external hard drive, you can have up to 8tb total space.
  • Can I transfer games instead via USB? Or does it have to be FTP?
    Yes, you can transfer them through the USB in the File Manager of the default dashboard (Aurora). Yes, the 2TB limit in FAT32.
  • Can Xbox and Xbox 360 play together on the same LAN game?
    We haven't tried it yet but this article says that you can LAN play games cross generations... CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE
  • Is 6 TB internal + 2 TB external enough space for all the xbox 360 games that exist plus a fair number of xbox classic games?
    That I'm not sure. Each 360 game and original xbox game vary in size from 200mb to 7.2gb. I think they would all fit. However you could have multiple external hard drives and set them up on a hub switch and basically have unlimited amount of space.
  • Are the games disc images like ISO, or setup in a folder structure?"
    The games are set up in file format.
  • Does this have the mods necessary to stream games from a network drive, for both classic and 360 games, as described here?"
    It isn't set up for network game streaming. That's something I'll get into down the road. I'm concerned about network speed verses SATA and USB speeds. FreeStyle has been dead for a couple years now so it would have to be Aurora.
  • If you sell out of this console before I have my money around, how much time usually goes by before another is available? "
    It typically takes about a week to build.
  • Does the xbox 360 come with a warranty?
    YES 90 days - 100% including shipping & 1 year - parts and labor covered, not shipping.
  • What comes with the Xbox 360 syxtem?
    1-XBOX 360 controller 1-Power cable 1-HD HDMI video connector
    IF YOU OR ANYBODY OPENS ANY SYSTEM YOU PURCHASED FROM US THE WARRANTY IS NO GOOD & WE WILL NOT FIX IT, All systems have security devices too tell us if it has been opened. If you opened the system, modify or add any software or downloads that does not come on or with the system and that is the issue for the xbox not working that could void the warranty. If you send it to us and we see that it has been tampered with you will have to pay for the shipping to us and back " without the system being fixed " before you can get your system back.
  • Do you offer layaway?
    Yes We Do Benefits of Layaway: Free & easy to use. Make as many payments as you need. All payments can be made online at your own convenience. Below we have included our layaway terms and conditions for your review! ​ PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY ​ Layaway Period – Orders may be placed on layaway for a maximum period of 120 days. Customers have the option of paying the layaway order balance in full at any time prior to the completion of the 120-day layaway period. Be sure to add the expiration date to your calendar so you don't forget! ​ Payment Terms – Orders placed on layaway require a down payment and shipping charges for the order. The deposit will be automatically added to your account. You will make payments on the price that was listed on the item you purchased and the item will be shipped when the item is paid in full. ​ Eligibility - Only select items of $500 or more may qualify for the layaway program. Allowed Forms of Payment - All except gift cards, Money Orders, Promo Codes, COD & Checks. ​ Discounts - No online discounts, gift cards, or coupons may be used in conjunction with a layaway order unless otherwise approved by Sticker Me Now. ​ Refunds – Layaway deposit, payments and related charges are non-refundable and non-transferable. ​ Returns - 90 days 100% including shipping & 1 year parts and labor covered, not shipping. Please be sure you review the item description and photos thoroughly before making a purchase. ​ Expiration/Cancellation – Any layaway balance not paid upon expiration of the 120-day layaway period will result in the cancellation of your order and forfeiture of your deposit, payments and related charges. ​ IF YOU DON'T AGREE TO THE LAYAWAY TERMS DONT PUT THE ITEM ON LAYAWAY. ​ Now let's get shopping! " CLICK HERE TO GET YOURS "
  • Title Updates
    The title updates are already set to the latest or optimal update but if you wish to change the update for any reason, this is how you do it. -Connect your Xbox to the internet, Wifi or Ethernet. -Highlight the game you want to change and push the Y button. -Scroll to and select Title Updates. Installed updates on the left side and available updates on the right side. -After you download and install an update, you have to go to the left side and Enable the update for it to be active.
  • Trainers
    Most of the 360 games have trainers available. (Cheat Codes) Some of the Trainers aren’t compatible with the latest Title Updates so you may have to download and enable an older update for some of the trainers to work. Here is how you activate a Trainer. - Highlight the game you want to activate and push the Y button. - Push left on the D-Pad and then the A button to open the Trainer window. - Some trainers will let you enable them from this window i.e. COD World at War. Other trainers i.e. GTA V, you enable the trainer after the game starts with little pop up windows which ask which trainers you want to enable. - Same process to disable trainers.
  • How to add Xbox games (DVD to Hard Drive)
    There are a few ways to add more Xbox 360 games to your console. This is the easiest way. - Connect your Xbox to the internet, Wifi or Ethernet. - Push the Back button and select Scripts - Launch the Aurora Repo Browser - Select Utility Scripts - Select Aurora Disc to GOD installer, Yes - Push the B button Twice - Launch the Aurora Disc to GOD Installer - Select the directory to install the game. I.e. Hdd1, Xbox 360 Games. You would want to Highlight ‘Xbox 360 Games and push the Y button for select. - Create Content Directories? No - Insert the game disc and follow the prompts. - Once you've installed the game to the directory, push the start button, go down to ‘Content’ and select 'Manage Paths, Scan now'. That will add the new game to your dashboard and download the box art if its available. - Don't do the ‘Title Updates Scan Now’. There's a chance it could mess up a few of the games.

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